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taylor mae

growth necklace

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May you simultaneously grow your roots deep into the soils and dance tall towards the skies

My wish is that every time you look down at this kind and calm expression you are reminded that you are also of the earth. May you feel at home on this land, and in your own skin, knowing it as your home. The deeper we grow downwards, the more we can heal ourselves and this planet, the higher we extend upwards, the more loving consciousness we can bridge into this manifest world.

May we be humble students and servants to the Earth, listening to all she has to teach us.



- solid sterling silver

- hand-carved and hand-made



There is a 4-6 week wait on this piece

This is based on the time it takes for the caster to turn the wax carving into metal, which I then individually sand and finish

Only shipping in NZ until 2024